The Local Connection : #YEGBox

We carefully choose and curate collections of quality products from local artisans in the Edmonton area. YEGBox will delight and inspire you, and with out a doubt, leave you wondering where you can get more! Gift this to others or keep it to yourself - no judgement here! Expect the unexpected, and respect the work that goes into creating these YEG products!


Please note if you are having trouble with the shipping app not accepting your address please try writing either: house, 000, NA in the apartment field. Our reach out to us and we will send you a direct link for payment.

We ship across Canada and are proud to say our boxes have reached every province and territory in Canada, sharing how awesome Edmonton is!

NEW ARRIVAL?? We have a box for that! YEGBox BABY!!

Ya! We know! We can't even wait to show you this one. 

Not a subscription, but a great one time gift!! A beautiful collection of fabulous baby items, made with love, right here in YEG! Makes a great gift for the new/expected bundle!

Please Note this box has been delayed and we hope to have it shipping out in the New Year.

Corporate or Client Gifts

We know, your "time bucket" is full. Let us create your corporate or client gifts for you. Contact us directly to work out the details.

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