Policies and Subscription FAQs

First let's start with the answers to the FAQs:

Yes, each month is different! We love variety and hopefully you do too. Expect the unexpected and hopefully each month you will delight in all YEG has to offer!

Yes, if you add a note and choose "add a card"  we can send out an occaision appropriate greeting card with your message. If no note is attached we will send a generic "your gift is on it's way" card with our logo.

The subscriptions are not customizable. Everyone on the list will receive the same items (this is why we keep them a secret). If you are looking for custom (or have certain expectations ) we do that too, just  contact us , and we can work with you and invoice you specifically for a one time gift, but the subscription is set by us each month.

Is the box female or male? Yes. We are about showcasing the range of talent YEG has to offer and do not discriminate against "makers" that produce quality products that be considered inherently female or male oriented. Some months may contain jewellery or a sparkle, the next could have a shaving cream. Try to enjoy the box for what it is, share when you can, and maybe try something new. Trust us, the quality is here in YEG and it has range!

Will there be food? Yes, sometimes. Please, know your limits. If you are someone with severe allergies perhaps this is not the right gift for you, as we cannot guarantee that items have not come in contact with your particular allergen. Nor can we make claims about the food items included in each box as we are not the producers. Be safe not sorry.

Policies that matter to you in regular (non legal) language :

1) Unfortunately due to the nature of our products and the small businesses we support, we are unable to provide refunds if for some reason you do not love the box. We ask that , in the spirit of gifting and sharing happiness, should you not like an item in your surprise box, that you gift it along , and share it with someone else.If you are unsure that a subscription is right for you, please contact us first in order to avoid disappointment.

2) When you place an order before the 15th of the month, you can expect to receive your first box during the first week of the next month . Yay!  If you place an order after the 15th, you have missed our deadline for ordering from our suppliers, and you will be waiting an extra month for your first box. We are sorry for this delay, but again , these are small businesses trying to grow, and we need to provide them with some notice for large orders. We thank you for understanding, but we hope the wait is worth it!
 3) You can cancel your subscription at any time, however in order to avoid being billed for the subsequent box,  you must request this before the billing date (the 15th of the month) . Once the billing date has passed, your box will be filled and cancellation of the account will occur after this mailing.

4) Privacy policy. We do have a long privacy policy that appears at the checkout, please read it if you are concerned about this. Bottom line. We will not knowingly share any of your information . If you become aware of an information breach please notify us.