Our mamas taught us well. Take care of one another, look out for your friends, and always give back when you can. These are the principles behind YEGBox.

Our mission is to use our combined sales and marketing experience to promote and support local businesses. The impact of shopping local is so much more than you know.By supporting local businesses more money circulates in the local economy. Local small businesses contribute to school and city taxes and multiply the impact of every dollar you spend. Did you know, when you spend $20 in your local community can have an impact of $109 on the local economy?

Not only that, it's the people attached to these local businesses that are also impacted, as well as the communities that they live in and support. And what would YEG be without the fantastic local businesses that make your community unique?

So, indulge guilt free! Know that in addition to enjoying some pretty neat gifts, you are supporting someone local , and keeping Edmonton original! And if knowing that is not enough, know also that a portion of each box is donated back into community programs/charities for the next generation of YEG-ers.

Be good to eachother , and enjoy your YEG.