Meet the Loved Girls from our " #Loved" Campaign - their power words, in their own words


Hi, I'm Izzy , I am 11- and I do my own stunts -FEARLESS! To me fearless means not being afraid to take the steps needed to get where I want. I know things won't just be given to me, and I have to get them myself. I know life sends obstacles your way, and you have to face them, you can't hide in fear. I know I can get through obstacles with loved ones and friends. Just knowing you are loved can do so much in hard times. I have overcome many obstacles in my life, and I know there will be more - and I will remember I am loved, and that will help get me through. I think this campaign is important because, if I were a woman in that situation, I would need to feel love and support. Women in hard situations feel afraid, and fear can keep them from seeing there's a life out there for them. I think they have to be FEARLESS to believe in themselves enough to change their world, and I'm glad there is a place to help them.

Hellllooooo I am Georgia, and I am sure you've noticed my fabulous yellow face accessory! If you are wondering what my ultra exclusive yellow accessory is, it is a feeding tube, and if you are wondering why I have my accessory it's because I have Crohns, but I haven't let either slow me down. In fact, I like my tube, it's made me feel better, and now I know that I am BRAVE and loved. I know I am brave because I've faced tonnes of obstacles in the last few months and I've faced them with a smile, and I never get down, even if it's hard to see the good. I couldn't be brave if I wasn't loved. I know I am loved. I am loved by my family, friends, teachers, doctors, nurses, and especially my dog! Everyone goes through challenges and different challenges than our friends go through, but we can get through them if we are brave and if we are loved. I am beating each and every one of my obstacles because I too am loved and very BRAVE. Before I know it, I will be eating a big mac from Mcdonalds and I will be Mclovin it!!!

I'm Alice.I am INTELLIGENT. This word means clever, smart, and insightful. I succeed in school, life and work hard to be the best at all my endeavors. Sometimes I over think my decisions but that doesn't stand in my way. I have the ability to learn and grow with new experiences. Intelligent means to me that I have the power and capability to do anything I set my mind to. Being intelligent creates a whole new world around me where I can be me.

I'm Olivia.AMBITIOUS; having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed; intended to satisfy high aspirations and therefore difficult to achieve. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had high aspirations for my life, never wanting to let myself down, because in my eyes, that would be one of the worst things I could do to myself. I was determined to be successful as my family before me; but not just about money, I wanted to be successful in doing good in the world, being a role model and overcoming all challenges that face before me, even if they seem impossible. I have been told that I am an "over achiever", that I have a little "too high aspirations" for myself and they're unreasonable but what I tell them is that I really don't care because I am committed, I am eager, I am a woman, I am AMBITIOUS.

I'm Sofia. Born and raised in Edmonton, my love of dance started. I started dancing at the age of three at Leckys School of Dancing, where my love for ballet and lyrical flourished. My hobbies are dancing and baking, my favorite thing to bake is a lemon tart. With dancing and baking not everything always goes perfectly, but that doesn't stop me. I find a way to persevere through it, making me UNSTOPPABLE.

STRONG. Hi, I'm Moira. I am 13 and I am a gymnast. I have been competing for 5 years and I train 24 hours a week. To be a great gymnast takes strength, physically and mentally. I work hard no matter the circumstance, so that I can be the best myself. The time I felt the strongest so far in my gymnastics career was when I won Nationals in 2016. It made me feel like all my hard work had paid off, even when days were difficult. I persevere, even when I want to give up, so that I can reach all my goals. I also love hanging out with my family because they support me and make me feel strong and loved, and my friends are also just the best! I couldn't ask for better ones. They are kind and always make me laugh! There is never a dull moment in my life, every day brings new challenges and I like to take them on with excitement!