This page is dedicated to these inspiring business owners featured in YEGBox, who are doing what they can to keep YEG original. We will only list vendors AFTER they have been in the box in an attempt to keep you guessing.......


Fruits of Sherbrooke. We love their mission to rescue urban fruit and make food for us as well as those in need (school programs, community kitchens). The Moroccan Cherry jam in your first box was a flavor created just for YEGBox! They also spend their time teaching - Yes! You can sign up for jam making classes! Visit them at and you will love them too!

Violet Chocolate Company. Created by Rebecca, a Red Seal chef, the flavors she puts together are like no other! There is no doubt she is an artist, her seasonal chocolates are delicious sculptures !! Sometimes I feel a twinge of guilt for eating something so beautiful....but then's chocolate. The wrapper on the bar in the first box was designed and printed by local artists at Salgado Fenwick. Did you notice it was the Edmonton Crest before you tore into that delicious chocolate (you animal!) ? That's okay, you can buy more. Learn more about her and how to get more at

Essentials By Nature: Non-toxic,natural products made with essential oils for anything from refreshing your linens/room to soothing babies off to sleep. We adored her linen spray and thought we should share this with everyone who would listen! Read more about this busy mom-prenuer who recognized a need, and created something we love! Find her at

Tiny Treats: Who doesn't love a good sugar scrub?! Well, Taryn has so much more to offer , but we could only choose one thing! Her bath truffles look like something you would want to eat, and her moisturizers smell like candy. Bath art indeed! If you want more, find her at

CB Designs: That choker is just the beginning. If you want to know whats next for simple but chic jewellery, check out her etsy shop. She'll have something that's just right!


Plantiful: I know right? Dryer Balls!!! How did I not know? Well, now I do, and so do you. But Amy is so much more than dryer balls! At Plantiful green beauty apothecary , she creates SO much more! Personal hygeine (natural deodorants!), facial care, and BABY products that are uncomplicated and natural!

Reloved Vintage Paint: We knew these girls were a big deal before they hit the Grammy red carpet and the swag bags! Find something to paint!! Bringing something you love back to life with this paint is magical. Don't know how? Watch one of their video tutorials on youtube, and get to it!

Craft Beauty: Ya! We love Sandy!She gave up on commercial brand skin care for the sake of her skin and now she's sharing her secrets with us. This yogi truly glows and trust me you want to look like that! We chose her YEG skies blue nail polish for the box just so you could see that she has many layers. Find her, her yoga classes, and her fab products at

Confetti Sweets: Need we say more? These cookies are worth every run I need to go on  because I lack all self control. Thank you for creating these amazing cookies, and for opening your second location !!! Get hooked.

One Tree Essentials: Artisan Soaps are so beautiful and these scents are simple and luxurious. Handmade and created from scratch, free of all the bad, full of all the good. Made using local ingredients, this is the real thing. Check out the variety at