Who ARE the people in your neighborhood??

Oh Sesame Street, thank you for the though provoking song!

So , now that you have seen a couple of boxes, hopefully you are starting to realize that not all pretty things come from a factory far far away. Sometimes amazing products are made in small batches ,with high quality ingredients ,right in your own backyard!( by wonderful individuals!). There is no doubt we have a lotta love and respect for these individuals, and we want them to stay here in YEG making the things that we love. Stick with us, and hopefully you'll find that soon you are replacing (at least some of) your factory habits with purchases that have so much soul ! Knowing where your purchases come from ,and what is in them, is really kind of a nifty thing!

So, if you have found something you love in a YEGBox, check out our "People we LOVE" page for a list of people who have been in the box (you will not find upcoming vendors on the list. There are so few good surprises left in this world, and you know we love secrets!!)

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